The Sweetie Tin fairies are finally here!

Hello Friends, I hope you are all coping well in the current conditions we find ourselves in, I've been trying to look on the positives, and the most obvious is having more time to be creative.

The Sweetie Tin fairies have been a long time coming! They have been on my 'to make' list for almost forever... the story behind them is this-

Do you remembers years ago when recycling was better known as 'make do and mend', back in those days when everyones Granny wore a pinny or an 'apron' if you want to be posh, and every Grandpa smoked a pipe? Well, each Christmas time, about a week before the big day, a tin of Quality Street chocolates would appear. I think every home in Britain in the 1960's had a tin of them, and what a treat they were. Although eating them was the fun part, I also used to love saving the wrappers, beautiful rainbow coloured foils in pink, gold, green - I loved smoothing the creases out and sorting them into little neat piles of each colour.

My pipe smoking Grandpa would twist pipe cleaners into simple dolls and I would dress them by scrunching the foil to their bodies,  then scavenge around for anything else that my 7 year old Magpie eyes could find in order to make them even prettier. A cord from a gift tag would become a belt, a scrap of tinsel would make a really great hat. I used to call them the sweetie fairies.

After Christmas they would get tidied away into the rubbish along with the other ghosts of Christmas past, the curly fish and plastic moustache from a cracker, the lost gift tag from a gift ( wonder where the cord went?) which meant that Grandpa got Avon Pretty Peach bubble bath destined for Mum, the TV Times Christmas special which my brother would have avidly read, placing a hopeful pencil tick mark next to all of the programmes he was hoping to see. There was no VCRs or Sky+ back then....

I found a vintage Quality Street tin whilst tidying the shed recently, it was full of old seed packets, bits of twine and plant markers, but it got me thinking again about my idea to create the Sweetie Tin fairies. So here they finally are, nine little ladies, smaller than my usual fairies, but just as sweet. All dressed in 1960s style dresses, created to emulate the feel of the original sweetie fairies, they are made from fabrics that sparkle, and trimmed with vintage tinsel, seed beads and glitter. I hope you like them.

Quality Street was named after a play by the same name, written by J.M Barrie. The illustration on the tin shows two characters, affectionately known as Miss Sweetly and Major Quality, I thought it would be nice to also make them as part of the Sweetie Tin fairies.

Quality Street was first launched in 1936. One of the original sweets was 'Harrogate Toffee'. This was a lemon and ginger flavoured caramel, but was later removed. Such a shame, as I think it sounds lovely, as a tribute, I've made a Harrogate Toffee fairy as part of the range. 

They really were a trip down memory lane for me, I really hope you like them.