Welcome to our new website

Hello Friends, 

It's so nice to be able to welcome you to our new website, I've  been so very busy creating lots of new little characters for our grand opening and its finally here!

I hope you will enjoy browsing our pages, reading my blog and getting to know me a little more.

Heirloom Fairies are created using mostly vintage fabrics and finds, it really is the best ever feeling when I find a beautifully scaled piece of embroidery or maybe a tiny bisque animal, which I know will be perfect for one of my creations.

Using mainly vintage, does mean that most of my characters are one of a kind, and I am unable to duplicate them identically. But do you know, I actually quite like that, and even go as far as in saying that even if I do have enough vintage fabric to dress two or three little characters in a similar style, I always mix it up just a touch, maybe a different coloured hat, or ribbon, or by tweaking another little detail,  just to make each and every one of them individual - just the way we all are.

Sometimes if I need to use a more recent fabric for a particular design, I can then make maybe 20 or 30 fairies all of the same design. However, the fact that they are all handmade from start to finish, means that they will all be individual and created slightly differently anyway. I don't outsource any part of the creative process. Heirloom Fairies are designed and made just by me. 

I have so many more ideas for designs, inspiration strikes all the time, and I jot ideas down into my notebook for future characters. I absolutely love what I do and never get bored, being surrounded by fabrics, glue and glitter is heaven to me, I guess I am still a child at heart.....

I have been creating all kinds of everything since I was a little girl, although obviously creating Heirloom Fairies is my passion, I do love trying new crafts. No matter how hard I try, I am still useless at drawing and it's on my bucket list to learn how to crochet... but you are never too old to learn a new skill.

In my next Blog, I'll be telling all about where my inspiration for a new range of fairies came from.

Have a good week!