How it all began

Take a snippet of antique lace, and  some beautiful vintage silk, a little body made from wire armature and thread, put them together, and bibberty bobberty boo - a Heirloom Fairy is created....How did we begin? 

When I was about six years old, each year I would decorate my Grannies Christmas tree. Grannies’ decorations were like treasure to me, beautiful baubles in teals, pinks and silver, tiny elves made from pine cones and pipe cleaners, glass beads in silver, chartreuse green and gold.... 
But the best one of all was the Christmas tree fairy, striking a graceful pose with her arms above her head and dressed in a gold paper doily dress, I called her Gloria and she was fabulous. It was the beginning of Christmas to me, when I placed her at the top of the tree.  

The Christmas of sad... one year I opened the cardboard box of decorations as usual, expecting to unpack and admire all of the familiar loveliness, only to find that during the year, a little mouse had taken up residence and the whole box was ruined, every single decoration,  including my beloved Gloria. Christmas wasn’t the same.... 

Years later, as a grown up with children of my own, and thinking back to the happy memories of my childhood, I  wanted to be able to create a magical Christmas for my own children.

I started searching for another ‘Gloria’ and disappointing it was, every fairy I saw seemed too modern, poor quality or just not pretty enough to replace Gloria, so I decided to make one myself.
It took a while, but after many attempts, I finally had my new Gloria, dressed in vintage fabrics to give her an authentic feel, she was loved by all, and quickly became our family heirloom.

I enjoyed the creative process so much, that I started to make other  little characters for friends and family and that’s how Heirloom Fairies began. I chose the name Heirloom Fairies as my little characters are sure to become family heirlooms for their new owners.